Here we go

Here we go…

I was born in Portugal. I grew up with the smell of the sea, the taste of the olive oil and oranges and cinnamon, the view of the golden plains of Alentejo fulfilling my eyes, the sound of Zeca Afonso and Sergio Godinho’s songs on my ears…

Then I left. And I went back, and left again, and again and again. Since I was very young I got used to travel a lot around Europe, to an endless departing and arriving, and I got to understand the word “Saudade”.  I was trapped by the beauty of traveling!  I wandered through the continent and, trying my best to avoid clichés, I can say I fell in love with the Italian tarantellas, with the Welsh language, the Czech theatre, the French punk movement, the Polish soups, the Bosnian mysticism… After crossing 17 countries I know that each place is so beautifully complex and rich that I cannot write fairly about any of them in such a small article… I can just say that each place I got to know made me fall in love in a thousand ways. And at the same time, it made me fall in love more and more with my home country as well! The beautiful paradox of discovering the beauty of home when you are far… Of the will to come back to the smells and landscapes and flavours and arms that you always knew, and the need, right after, to leave again, to get wondered again with the unknow, and then return, in an endless cycle… Like the wheel of a caravan.

After 23 years of my life wandering around Europe, I cross the Atlantic for the first time.

Here we go, something new begins…  I arrived to Rio the Janeiro on the last day of the year, the 31st December 2018. This was just the beginning of a completely new adventure. I am an European lost in a new continent – and how beautiful it is to be lost! There is an eurocentrism that, historically, got spread and stablished trough the world. I recognize this very sadly. And, being for the first time in Latin America, I love to feel lost. I fight each time with myself to forget part of what I take from granted, to slowly “knock down my axis” (as my Latin-American Theatre teacher uses to say) and to discover the pure beauty and depth of each place I step. 

After arriving to Rio de Janeiro I ran the south coast of Brazil, together with my partner. In three weeks we arrived to Uruguay, and then to Buenos Aires, in Argentina. I am now in Córdoba, in the centre of Argentina – I was never as far from the sea on my life. I see the mountains, imposing and calm on the landscape. The earth appear to call from deep, here. With my partner, we start planning the big trip that is to come. The dream of an orange van becomes closer. A lot of dreams become closer. We must be living soon, on the next months. And I free my hands and mind to start tapping, and to share the “poems” of this trip that is just to start.

Here we go.