Back to the roots – an Alternative Travel Guide to Évora

Let’s start from the beginning. Before to take flight on the dream of far lands and incredible stories, I will feel the ground under my feet, and go back to my roots. I will start by inviting you to a place that I can call home. This home of mine can be one of these far lands of your dreams, and this is one of the beautiful things of traveling – the furthest we go, we will always arrive in someone’s home.

I spent three beautiful years of my life in the small city of Évora, and I keep the memories of this time sweetly saved on my mind. Évora is like an unexpected treasure, a small city that rises surprisingly in the middle of the golden fields of High Alentejo, on the south of Portugal. The fields are gold of wheat, and Évora rises like one more wheat spike, strongly living under the sun since more than two thousand years ago.

Today, this UNESCO World Heritage city is visited by an increasing number of tourists. Touristic tour guides will tell you about the roman Diana’s Temple, the Água de Prata Aqueduct, the Cathedral, the Chapel of Bones, or the Royal St. Francis Church… and I assure you all this are must see places! Évora’s carry memories back to the old Neolithic (5500-4500 b.C.) and this citie’s monuments speak in thousands of voices, telling stories from many civilizations across the time. It is worth it to visit it, to take your time, to get wondered. I know you will not be disappointed.


You will easily find all the information you need about these monuments in many different travel guides. What I would like, though, is to make you know some secrets that this guides will not tell you. Leaving the historical monuments to the experts, I want to tell you about the things which I consider to be my own specialization. So take my invitation to an alternative tour in Évora, and get to discover the lively and surprising artistic and cultural movements of the town, get to know the most beautiful places to read a book, visit the picturesque Saturday’s morning market, have the yummiest things to eat and drink, know the best spots for amazing sunsets, and have fun on the coolest places to go out at night! I tell you about all this in detail here, on a small article I wrote to

I am sure you will fall in love with Évora just as I did. If you are visiting the town, do not hesitate in contacting me, if you need a few extra tips! And do not hesitate on commenting below about your experience on this magical small city.

Have a good trip!

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  1. Fantastic!
    I’ve loved this amazingly personal view over Évora, a place where I lived during one year, more than two decades ago.
    This reading provided me a very pleasant and different vision about this lovely and sunny city, highlighting some well known experiences and providing several other new.
    Thanks a lot for it!

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